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Double Walled Vessel

Southern Ice and Lumina Porcelains

Aurora is a series of works made of translucent Southern Ice or Lumina porcelain. The vessels are thrown very finely and fired to 1280° centigrade in oxidation. The exterior surface of some of the vessels is unglazed and the porcelain is hand polished giving a very smooth, tactile quality.

For more images and further information on the nature, origins and qualities of porcelain, including Southern Ice porcelain, see the Southern Ice porcelain page.

Ikebana Vase


The glaze is a satin matte crystalline glaze pooling in the base to a black glass in which green, blue and violet crystals grow as the glass is molten during the firing. The walls are a pale turquoise with a subtle sparkling silver sheen and violet and azure crystals. The colour of the glaze is quite variable sometimes exhibiting blue, green, purple and ochre tones depending on the thickness of application, the shape of the form and the firing conditions, as can be seen on these pieces