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Southern Ice Porcelain Sake Set

This translucent Southern Ice porcelain sake set created in 2012 consists of a flask, Arc, and three cups, Orbit, Wave and Cone. The forms of the vessels are informed by earlier works and continue the curvilinear theme with precise curving edges. The cups are 7cms in diameter and 5.5cms high. The flask is 16cms high, 7.5cms deep, 9cms wide and holds 300ml. The walls are approximately 2mm thick. The pieces are light and translucent, yet have the strength and durability afforded by this fine world-class porcelain. The set is also available in a dark tenmoku glaze.

For more images and further information on the nature, origins and qualities of porcelain, including Southern Ice porcelain, see the Southern Ice porcelain page.

Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing

The works were first created in 3D modelling software prior to their rendering using rapid prototyping technology. They are slip cast using Southern Ice porcelain and glazed with Qingbai or rare earth glazes.

Qingbai Glaze

The ice blue glaze is an authentic Qingbai achieved by the use of small amounts of red iron oxide fired in reduction to 1300°C, which, under the right conditions, produces this translucent blue. The exterior surface is unglazed and hand polished giving a very tactile quality with a slight sheen.


The sake set received the Best of Show award in the Rotary Art Spectacular, Brisbane in 2013.