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Cascade Vases

The Cascade Vases is a series of sculptural vessels created in 2016. The works were formed using a combination of hand carving and hand building from slabs of stoneware clay. The tallest pieces is 54 cms. The works are intended as sculptural objects, but may also be used for Ikebana.

Matte Glaze

The works are finished with a variegated grey/white satin matte glaze applied in a spontaneous manner to give a sense of a cascade over rocks. The glaze may also be seen on the Large Bowls.

Exhibition May 2017

The three Cascade Vases have been selected by the judges for the Rotary Arts Spectacular for exhibition in Brisbane from May 15-19 2017.


Like the Porcelain Platters, which seem to have been formed through seismic activity, deposition of sediments and the action of wind and rain on water, this series of work is inspired by the processes and outcomes of natural geological and meteorological forces. Earlier works have used clay merely as a plastic material to realise certain ideas - often in mathematically precise dimensions and forms through the use of digital 3D modelling and rapid prototyping technology. This work focuses on the inherent characteristics of the material in the creation of objects which appear to have been shaped by natural phenomena rather than through human and technological intervention.