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Mesa Bowl A

Mesa Bowls Cups and Vases

The Mesa Bowls, Cups and Vases are made of Southern Ice porcelain and the forms inspired by the flat topped geographical feature typical of arid environments.

Colour Changing Glazes

This is the first series of work to feature a new range of transparent glazes created in 2016 which change colour under different lighting conditions; some markedly so from yellow to pink (Glaze G), others more subtly. See table below. *The type of artificial light affects the colour. Even different types of neon tube may have a marked effect on the colour.

Glaze Daylight Artificial
A Yellow green "
B Green "
C Blue green "
D Turquoise "
E Grey green "
F Indigo Violet
G Yellow Pink
H Grey blue Purple
I Yellow Apricot
J Pink "
K Purple Indigo
L Apricot Pink
M Grey pink Magenta
Mesa Bowl A, Ikebana Vase, Cone Cup

Acquired for Permanent Collection of Art

A selection of the Mesa Bowls and Cups together with the Hybrid Flasks and Cups were acquired by Townsville City Council in May 2016 for its permanent collection of art. View the full catalogue of the 2016 North Queensland Ceramic Awards. My work is on pages 15 and 17.

The Mesa Bowls and Cups were also selected for exhibition as part of the Mayo Festival in May 2016. View the full catalogue of the Mayo Festival. My work is on page 31.

For more images and further information on the nature, origins and qualities of porcelain, including Southern Ice porcelain, see the Southern Ice porcelain page.

Dimensions in Centimetres

Item Height Width
Mesa Vase 12.5 15
Mesa Bowl A 8 14
Mesa Bowl C 4.5 11
Mesa Cup 5.5 9.5