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Cone Cup Tsuki-yo Glaze

Cone Cups

This series of cups is wheel thrown and fired to cone 10 or 1280°C in oxidation in an electric kiln or in a gas kiln in reduction depending on the glaze and the desired effect.

The cups are made of either fine white stoneware or Southern Ice porcelain and are approximately 8 centimetres in diameter and 6 centimetres tall.

For more images and further information on the nature, origins and qualities of porcelain, including Southern Ice porcelain, see the Southern Ice porcelain page.

tsuki-yo Glaze - Moonlit Night

The glaze is a high gloss mirror black which often forms a transparent pale blue halo on the rim revealing the whiteness of the Southern Ice porcelain beneath. In bright light a brilliant azure blue appears in the depths of the black glaze. On the Cone Cups the glaze has created an effect like an aurora in the interiors.

Flasks, bowls and other works in tsuki-yo glaze may be found on the Tsuki-yo Tableware page.

Cone Cup Iridescent Glaze

Iridescent Crystalline Glazes

In 2017 I developed seven iridescent crystalline glazes, and the first results of some of these glazes may be seen on the works here. Further works and new variations on these glazes will be published on this site in the coming months.

The glazes are challenging to photograph as the shimmering iridescent effect changes with the viewpoint and direction of light. The iridescent crystals on the golden brown ground shine all the colours of the spectrum. The crystal formation often occurs in harmony with the form with smaller crystals along the rim cascading down into larger ones down the curved walls of the work. The glaze thins as it flows down from the rim during the firing sometimes forming a sparkling golden halo on the rim.