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Tripod Sake Set

Sake: a rice-based alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin
Tokkuri: flask for serving sake
Guinomi: sake cup

Vessels from this collection were selected for exhibition by the London Design Festival, by the 9th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan and by 10th International Biennial Of Ceramics Manises, Spain in 2011. The collection consists of a number of vessels of different designs and with a variety of surface treatments and glazes conferring individuality to each piece. They are made of a world-class porcelain, Australian Southern Ice, renowned for its whiteness and translucency. This body of work synthesises ancient and contemporary materials and processes.


The source objects for this installation were created as digital forms using open source software before being rendered as physical objects using rapid prototyping technology. Casts taken from these generated objects were then used to create the vessels using liquid Southern Ice porcelain in a slip cast process.


The walls of the vessels are 2-3mm thick, they are light yet have the strength and durability afforded by this fine porcelain. They are fired up to 1300℃ in reduction, which vitrifies the porcelain imparting the translucency and whiteness for which Southern Ice is renowned. The exterior surfaces are unglazed and hand polished to give a smooth tactile surface and feel comfortable in the hand. In some vessels the porcelain is mixed with oxides to provide a variegated, organic surface reminiscent of the strata and textures found in natural rocks. The interiors are glazed with clear, rare earth, or ice blue qingbai glazes.

For more images and further information on the nature, origins and qualities of porcelain, including Southern Ice porcelain, see the Southern Ice porcelain page.


This project develops ideas realized in earlier works; the earlier sculptural forms and production processes and use of LEDs for illumination inform this collection of vessels. As in earlier installations (vol_Luminous and Biomimesis) light is incorporated in order to create an object with a dual purpose. The vessels may be displayed as illuminated sculptural pieces when not in use for serving drinks.