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Website Design

This website has been designed to make it easy to manage a growing and changing catalogue of items and to enable the visitor to easily find and focus on what interests them.

Features of the site

The home page slide show is a showcase of the work in the different sections of the site - click an image to vsit an area of interest. The gallery pages have three sizes of image. Upload the full-size image and the thumbnail and medium sized images are made automatically for you. The gallery pages could have hundreds of images, but only five are shown at a time so as not to overwhelm the visitor, who can easily navigate through a large collection to find and focus on those of interest.

Drupal Content Management System

This site has been built using Drupal, a content management system (CMS), which runs some high profile sites including the United Nations, Harvard University, the BBC, The Economist, the US administration -, and Novell. Drupal consists of a flexible set of modules to build a site for a particular purpose. Once the site has been developed, in this case to provide a gallery, the management of the site to add and remove galleries, images and text is very straightforward requiring little training. A site like this may be customised and branded for your needs and uploaded to your web host. A few hours training at your own pace will put you in the driver's seat. Please contact me for details.


Recent clients include:

Brisbane Institute of Art Completed in 2018

Ikebana Vernisher Completed in 2019