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Ikebana Vases

A series of Southern Ice porcelain vases suitable for Ikebana. The vases are 23 cms in diameter and 6 cms tall. The walls of the vases are 2 to 3 mm thick, which reveals the translucency of this fine yet durable porcelain. The turquoise glazed vase is new for 2016.

The porcelain Ikebana Vases were selected for exhibition in the Mayo Festival in May 2016. View the full catalogue of the exhibition. My work is on page 31.


The vases are finished with a deep blue/black tsuki-yo, crystalline or ice blue qingbai glaze and fired to 1300°C, the qingbai is fired in reduction, the tsuki-yo in oxidation and the crystalline glaze in a dedicated firing schedule in oxidation.

Other Vessels

Other works suitable for use as vases include:
The Strata series.
Double Walled Vessels
Spherical Vases
Cascade Vases
Dark Matter
Ice Crackle Glazed Vases