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accessCeramics A contemporary ceramics image resource

Ian McDonald Ceramics and steel with an industrial aesthetic Research and development of materials and applications

Thomas Bohle Double walled vessels

John Mason Ceramic Sculpture Albertz Benda Gallery New York

Alison Ragguette Dangerous Play Series | porcelain | glass | silicone | silk

Peters Projects is a contemporary Santa Fe art gallery

Gallery Utsuwakan Kyoto Japanese Ceramics

Ceramics Research Features ceramicists' use of new technology

Puls Ceramics Brussels Over 2600 ceramics artists with links to their websites

Japanese Ceramics Menu across top has links to previous years

maak London Contemporary Ceramics Dealers

Ceramic Review The International Magazine of Ceramic Art and Craft - UK

Jennifer Lee ceramics

Annie Woodford ceramics

Deirdre McLoughlin ceramics

Ceramics Today: Deirdre McLoughlin ceramics

Aldo Bakker ceramics, furniture, products

Thomas Eyck Stocks Aldo Bakker ceramics

Steve Harrison Simple bowls, original clay bodies and glazes from local minerals


Chun Wen Wang Ceramics


Hideaki Miyamura Crystalline and tenmoku glazes

Hideaki Miyamura pdf Catalogues

Iwata Yasuhiro New Tenmoku Glaze

Urinals made from ceramic flowers

Arts Queensland

The Design Institute of Australia

The Sankey Glaze Database

The Glazy Glaze Database

Australian Ceramics: Competitions

Sebastian Moh Some great glazes and forms

Honoho rankings 2004

Robert Yellin interview on Honoho

Jian Temmoku bowls (Jian Zhan)

List of fluxes

Making ceramic tiles

Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Awards

The Tripod Guinomi, which received an honourable mention in the 9th International Ceramics Competition, Mino, Japan, in 2011 appear in this article Virtual Paris (pdf) published in Ceramics Monthly in the USA in 2012.